How it started...

November 10, 2021

How it started...

The sound of the loft ladder being brought down is where it all began…

While lying in bed as a young child the sound of the loft ladder being dropped down would fill my room – Mum was going to perform magic and tomorrow morning we’d be able to see some new photos! As a child the process of developing your own photos in a dark room was not the most exciting, it was like waiting for Christmas, but the results always filled me with joy. A moment captured in time; to cherish forever. How awesome is that? 

I was a still a child when I received my first camera, oh how my family loved me that year! I remember going to Whitacre Garden Centre for lunch with my Nan and taking my camera with me…36 exposure film in hand and 36 photos taken. I think only a handful of those images were of anything interesting and mainly of my younger brother sitting on the lion statues at the entrance! Every now and again those photos appear, usually for a special birthday, you know how family like to get out the embarrassing photos!


Those photos were the start of this journey, a few twists and turns along the way but the love of photography never changed. All through school I was always the kid with the camera. Always capturing memories. University, trips out, family gatherings, gigs, weddings, new babies, the camera was always there. Over the years the cameras and technology changed often and developed. No more waiting a couple of weeks to find out that only five photos came out or they were all really dark, the process was now instant. Straight onto the computer. My passion for photography continued to grow. 

I went into teaching, a career decision I made at 7 years old and never really thought about doing anything different until one day I was asked why I never went into photography… hmmmm… I’d never really challenged my thinking on my chosen career path. The seed had now been planted. Photography as a career? Eventually, I began to offer photography shoots to family and friends. My photos were being enjoyed and I was being asked to do more and more. During this time, I met my husband Steve, my rock and my encourager. He did everything he could to support me in my photography “hobby” and at this point it really was ‘just for fun’. 

It was a few years later, while I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, that things began to change. I’d been teaching for 10 years, and the job had changed massively during those 10 years. I was asked again why I didn’t pursue my passion in photography…was this something that I should be thinking seriously about? On the way to work one day I had some complications with my pregnancy and had to go to the hospital, it scared the life out of both me and Steve and some big conversations followed.  I handed in my notice as a teacher and my life path changed. My priority become my growing family and my career would wait, but when the time came Candi’s Lens Photography was the path forward…and here we are several years down the line. I have a growing family and a growing photography business, both of which bring me so much joy.

                                                                      Candi x



Candi's Lens Photography is a West Midlands based photography business ran by Candi, a Coventry Photographer. Candi's Lens offers Wedding and Lifestyle photography to Coventry and the surrounding areas. This blog is written by Candi. 






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